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Village of Yorkville Park

The aim of this project was to redesign the Village of Yorkville Park with respect to its demographic and cultural context Through research, it was discovered that the surrounding community has a higher percentage of single and wealthy people than the rest of Toronto. In addition, many prominent Canadian musicians started their careers in this neighborhood, which is now home to many fashion boutiques. With this information, the concept of the park was born: every turn is an opportunity to discover a romantic moment created through music, theater, dance, and reflection.

To accomplish this, performance spaces were created along with a series of Drumlins that function as raised stages for musicians, actors or dance instructors. From the beginning, this project was designed for all four seasons. In the spring and summer, mass plantings of Hydangea paniculata ‘Little Lamb’, and Viburnum opulus ‘Roseum’ create a stunning floristic experience.  For the fall, Acer pseudoplatanus, and Acer x freemanii ‘Jeffersred’ were chosen to create a canopy of red and yellow leaves. In the winter, the park was designed to be a skating rink with the performance spaces transforming into areas for ice sculptures.

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