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Project no.1

For this project, I was given the task of redesigning a well established yard and giving it a fresh look. The original yard lacked sufficient hardscape areas for dining and relaxing. To remedy this, a wooden suntanning deck was installed as well as a pergola with a sitting area under it. The main dining area  was renovated to make it more open and to better connect it with the yard. A set of paver stairs was added to the yard to enable another access point from the house.


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Project no.2

The main focus of this project was the backyard, which was a mess to begin with. I designed an outdoor kitchen area in the backyard with a pergola to create a more intimate atmosphere. From there the garden extends out into a grass area which leads to 7 existing elm trees. Since grass will not grow healthily around elms, I decided to place a rock garden around the elms and then accent this garden with some Slowmound Mugo Pines. Along the driveway in the backyard, I placed Little Lamb Hydranges and Skybound Cedars to create a rhythm to the yard as well as frame the view down the driveway. At the back of the property a raised garden box was built with a concrete paver area. The design was, however, altered during the construction process.

Project no.3

The design intention for this skatepark was to steer away from the traditional rectangular slab of concrete that is common in skateparks and to instead focus on incorporating softscape elements into the design. To accomplish this, three recesses were formed in the concrete to accommodate grass and trees: Prunus nigra 'Princess kay', and Prunus maackii . Along the perimeter of the park, Pinus sylvesteris, Abies balsamea, Prunus nigra 'Princess kay' and Tilia cordata 'Corinthian' were planted.

Project no.4

The clients for this yard wanted a modern sleek yard that complemented the modern building they had recently built. To fulfill this desire, I designed this yard only using straight lines and 90 degree angles. However, when it came to the style of planting, I choose to work with a juxtaposition. Along the neighbor's building and also the entrance into the courtyard from the street, I choose to plant native species and to organize the plants in a free flowing manner. In the center of the yard, I planted non-native plants in a very organized and rhythmic manner. By doing this, the yard is both controlled and free at the same time.

Project no.5

The clients for this yard wanted the following: two large decks in the front made of composite wood, a stamped concrete pathway around the house, a circular stamped concrete eating area, and a pond with a waterfall and a small seating area for coffee or intimate meals. Composite wood was chosen for the decks in order to reduce maintenance. Stamped concrete was chosen for the paths and seating areas for its durability and cost superiority to paving stones. 

Landscape Design Service

How It works

During our first meeting, we will get to know you and understand what it is you are looking for in your yard. We will discuss and write down all of the thoughts, ideas, and visions that you have for your yard. 

1) We Meet and Talk

Finally, we give you all of the plans, advice and direction you need to either build your yard your self at your own pace, or to hire a landscape design company to build your yard.  

3) We give you the plans you need

At this stage, we take all of the ideas and visions that you have for your yard and we create a landscape plan that incorporates these ideas. We organize everything into an aesthetically pleasing design that reflects your wishes.  

2) We organize your ideas into a beautiful landscape design

For pricing, we charge a rate of $40 per hour. By charging an hourly rate, we can ensure the client only pays for the design time that their project requires.

Typically projects cost between $800 and $1200. The final cost depends on the size of the yard or acreage.

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