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Inspired by the Prairies

Temporary Hiatus

As of September of 2019, I moved to Guelph, Ontario to pursue a Master of Landscape Architecture to further my career and education. I am currently working and gaining experience working for one of the top Landscape Architecture firms in Canada. Once I finish my degree, and go from a landscape designer to a landscape architect, I will return to the prairies and continue my practice with a deeper knowledge and passion for prairie ecology.

Current Research

For my Masters research, I am studying the symbiotic relationship between the bison, prairie ecology, and the First Nation's people of the prairies. Ultimately, I want to take this knowledge into practice to design projects that reflect, respect, and promote the bison, prairie ecology, and  First Nation peoples of the prairies as well as all people who call the prairies home.

I prefer to use native prairie plants in my designs and to model the aesthetic off of the beautiful prairie landscape.

Professional Projects

Academic Projects


Landscape Design Service

How It works

1) We meet and talk

During our first meeting, we get to know each other and understand what it is you are looking for in your yard. We will then walk the site and take note of the existing conditions.


3) Concept designs

After all this information is gathered, concept designs will be created and sent to you for review. Based upon your input, a concept design will be chosen and modified into a final plan.

The Black Angus Ranch.jpg

5) Cost

For pricing, we charge a rate of $50 per hour. By charging an hourly rate, we can ensure the client only pays for the design time that their project requires.

Typically residential projects cost between $1,250 and $1500. The final cost depends on the size of the yard or acreage.

20180731_134001 -65%.jpg

2) Site analysis

After the meeting, physical measurements of the site will be taken using a measuring wheel and a drone. If your project required regrading for storm water management, elevations will be taken with a laser level. In addition basic soil samples will be conducted to determine the soil composition of the site to determine what will grow best in your location.


3) We give you the plans you need

Finally, we give you all of the plans, advice and direction you need to either build your yard your self at your own pace, or to hire a landscape design company to build your yard.  

Planting Plan 800.jpg

Stay In Touch.

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Sprout It - Landscape Design


Tel: 306-380-2393

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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